Memorial Week Begins

The sadness is returning, deep sadness…

Family is here and talking lots of Randy, I can’t do this…

Strength, peace, and joy had returned slowly, but now are dissipating…

I’m broken… will I ever be whole again…

Help me Spirit as you alone can help me now…

For there’s no turning back from this week ahead.

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Published by donnathesurvivor

Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

12 thoughts on “Memorial Week Begins

  1. Christ said, “I must go so that the Comforter (the Divine Spirit) will come.” In the flesh, Christ couldn’t be present for all who sought Him, but in the spirit,He is only a thought away, a whispered prayer, away. It is the same when a loved one passes – they are only a thought awayand their spirit exists in a parallel dimension. You will eventually be reunited.

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