A Spark

Sadness has gripped me for a couple of weeks now, surrounding the Memorial Service. Walking away from that event, the family, the friends, left me with a deep sadness. Another milestone of Randy never returning to the land of the living. Another reminder that I’m not a WE any longer.

As I struggled today, begging for relief from this grip of loneliness, a spark was ignited within me… similar to years past during a very traumatic phase of life, and that spark of flying led me to lessons, which led me to Randy. Sparks catch quickly and spread, and once before brightened my life.

Traveling, with adventure, is what now brings me a spark of relief and joy. So simply, traveling it is! Sometimes it just takes me looking at the obvious, to then see where God is leading, His path for my healing. I will fill up my life with trips and adventure and time away to process this phase, to heal, to read, to write, to grow and prepare for the life and service ahead for me.

Thank you God, through Jesus, by Spirit, for once again guiding, comforting and showering joy within my heavy laden being.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

6 thoughts on “A Spark

  1. “Thank you God, through Jesus, by Spirit, for once again guiding, comforting and showering joy within my heavy laden being.”

    These words were what I came here looking for tonight. I knew I would find something important. I believe they are exactly the words I was meant to see. Thank you for sharing them.

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  2. I can’t wait to travel with you through your blog and hopefully pictures! I seem to be closest to God and peace when I am alone in God’s landscape.

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  3. Donna, you are amazing. Your resilience overwhelms me. God is definitely leading you, even though it is a long and winding road. Bless you on all your travels. 💖

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    1. KB, seeing myself through someone else’s eyes is fascinating to me, as I FEEL weak, doubting with no resilience anywhere. Thank you for reading and your supportive words, I find you amazing and resilient for these!


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