Another passing…

My dear friend Lisa passed today, Sunday June 13. My heart breaks. Here is a writing I gave her recently.

Dear Lisa…

Genesis speaks of humans being created in the image of God. I love to think about God’s image, and imagine many different likenesses. But recently I realized that each of us on earth are God’s re-presentation. Lisa… YOU are the image of God. Many on earth, and I’m sure in heaven, look at you and say… Is that God there? Oh wait, that’s Lisa!

You have re-presented God to me in several ways: your sweet, loving, caring spirit; your listening ear; your invitations to your presence in lunches, yoga, bible study, walks, bike rides; your encouragement and smiles through difficult times; your opening your home in welcoming peace with cookies, tea, and calm.

I love you Lisa… Thank you for being a dear friend, accepting of who I am. What a precious gift we give to each other with friendship.

Our eternal sunshine will always be with us, whether here on earth with each daily sunrise, or in heaven with the continual sunshine of our Lord. My love will always be with you as well, whether here or there.

For each day you are given life here with us on earth, I will continue to fervently pray that God will send his lightning of healing power to strike you, in Jesus name, and through the Holy Spirit.

…Love, Donna

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