Well I’m rather amazed at myself today. This being alone thing is starting to settle with me. Maybe the shock and denial of Randy’s passing is calming, and reality is settling into my being. Maybe having a big project is tempering the loneliness. Maybe traveling away for an extended time has given me freedom for true healing. All these play a role, not just one item alone.

Yet, on my walk today, I was amazed at how this new identity didn’t just rip me apart, but rather felt natural. Yes Donna, you are not married, you do not have a partner, you have no prospects knocking at your door, your children are adults living their lives; you are alone in this world, while surrounded by friends and family and strangers. Wow, I’m okay with this… Definitely not the path I chose or truly want, but peace embraces me anyways.

A true miracle this is for me, to be at peace with my reality. A true miracle God has woven within me.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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