This week has presented me aloneness. Different than loneliness, which is fading, aloneness of no people to eat, sleep, hang with.

Widowhood has brought me this being alone too often. Typically I love alone time, recharging and processing. But the last few days have been overwhelming. I reached out, but everyone was busy.

I divide my days into desk days, errand days, cleaning days or yard days. So today, errand day, I decided to tackle aloneness. After my car inspection, I ate breakfast at a local bakery, sitting in the front window, in a cute summer dress. Visiting a restaurant alone is intimidating for me, but I actually had an enjoyable time reading, eating, watching. Wow, enjoyable! I might make this a routine…

Off to more errands now, while seeing humans with an open heart, but feeling stronger after a morning in community.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

4 thoughts on “Alone

  1. I love that you got out there and wore that cute dress despite having to front it out a bit. You may feel alone but I would do anything to bet you’re not. I imagine he would be particularly proud when watching over you. Big love x

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    1. Oh, brought tears to my eyes. I just had that thought 5 minutes ago… I thanked him for taking care of me while he was here, and now after he’s gone. Thinking he would be proud to see me out and about. Thanks for that encouragement ❤️

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