All hope is lost…

Jesus is dead. Hope is lost. Fear sets in. Now what?

Jesus promised hope, eternal life, resurrection, victory. But that is now all lost this eve of his crucifixion. Yes, death and grief suck all the hope out of your soul. My Randy is dead, my hope is gone.

My days of late have been peaceful, joyful, and hopeful. Then today I saw visions of Randy in a restaurant that we visited frequently for lunch. I survived, but the downward slide began. Then, by accident, I came across a recent video of Randy. Further and further I slide…

God help me.. God help me.. God help me.. is my mantra as I push myself on a walk. Tears and God help me.. God help me.. God help me..

I’m not sure who the disciples cried to that hopeless night… God? each other? Jesus? Did they even know about Spirit yet? Did they find comfort or did they sink into despair?

I’m home and writing, exhausted, but the pain has passed. God met me.. God helped me once again..

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

10 thoughts on “All hope is lost…

  1. Donna,
    Hopefully Easter will resurrect your spirit. Hope is tricky, but sometimes it arrives when you least expect it.
    I will say your blog makes us all think, reflect, hope…thank you for your painful, but beautiful reflections.
    💗 KB

    Liked by 1 person

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