Life is getting busy for me. My brother and wife arrive tomorrow from across the country. Aunt and Uncle arrive Monday. Sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, several children arrive next Tuesday. Tables and chairs are delivered Wednesday. Pick up food Thursday morning.

Thursday, my dear Randy’s Memorial Service, and then reception in the backyard.

This all feels like a celebration, party, to me. With the loneliness I’ve been enduring, having family, and lots of them, with friends surrounding me is just heavenly and a reason alone to celebrate. But above all, Randy deserves a thoughtful, holy remembrance from us all. He was such a good man, husband, father, brother, neighbor, friend… We all miss him dearly and struggle living life without this good man.

I fully expect to have a let-down crash Thursday evening, so I leave town early Friday morning for fun time. Yes, after grief, or even to just survive grief, fun is needed. This human being clings to God and has only survived by Spirit empowering me. Part of that survival is also the things of this earth surrounding me: friends, family, chats, hugs, smiles, words, outings, food, cats, sunshine…

My writings and stirrings may be distracted for a while, though I know better than to tune-out for long. I’m missing you all already, not even knowing who’s out there, but knowing this outlet has been so healthy for me and I pray for you, the one’s out there.

Live… Donna

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6 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. So happy for you that you will soon be surrounded by family and close friends. And planning a trip for the day after Randy’s memorial is a smart thing to do. I will be holding you close as you celebrate Randy’s life. ❤️

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