Yesterday, while in a store, a homeless man was out front in the rain, putting his spare shoes in two bags to keep them dry. My heart broke as I watched him struggle to get the shoes in the bags. I then looked around the small store, and many were watching this man, but with varied reactions: one smirking, one nervous, one agitated, some ignoring.

My mission is to let God’s eyes open my eyes, but I caught myself judging those looking at the homeless man. Where was my love and compassion for their discomfort with homelessness? Do I see their fear of such a state? Are they afraid this could be them under different circumstances? Are they reminded of the suffering in life? There are several questions that arise for me as I attempt to see the onlookers as God sees them.

This mission is helping me to be softer, open while truly seeing others. A challenge for me still, but truly God has awakened this seeing of all humans, as he sees.

And yes, I regret not acting and helping this struggling man with his shoes.

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