Donna, look at all you have accomplished, today and during the last eight months. Look Donna! You have felt the anguishing feelings, faced the reality of your now, packed a house, completed several large desk projects, organized, cleared, reorganized, crashed yet continued to look for healing, made decisions, and so much more…

I need to take this all in… I caught myself today being critical of… me. Why? Because I’m not grieving perfectly, living perfectly, following God perfectly, relating perfectly, or really just for not being perfect. Typically, I don’t fall into perfectionist tendencies, but I’m finding them now.

If I would just accept my now… be content with what is… I’d heal. But I struggle with this. I acknowledge what my now holds, loss and pain, but I don’t accept this as acceptable for this moment. I want this moment to be SO different. I want many things that I don’t have now…

Please God, help me… may I focus on you, and every day be refreshed with your presence that brings love, peace, joy. I will be gentle with myself, hold myself in compassion and trust that God will accompany my every moment.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

2 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Donna I LOVE this especially the first paragraph. You should and I hope you ARE be so very proud of yourself. And it’s important to focus on what you’ve done and achieved not what you think you haven’t! Be kind to yourself, you need to be and every day think of what you have done and allow yourself to be please about that. Much love x

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    1. You are so encouraging, thank you sincerely! I’ve been falling into a very critical place, but now recognize it and will stop it. Yes, I’ve done a lot through this anguish. And I’m proud that I’ve kept going and held faith. Love to you❤️

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