Many years ago, I had a friend, Georgia. Our friendship just lasted a couple of years, as our lives intersected during a phase of pain for us each. We talked, laughed, worked, flew, and comforted together.

Wild red, curly hair distinguished Georgia; her spirit a wild breeze. She started a flight school, instructed many men, and always reached for more. My favorite memory of Georgia is from a blustery, windy day; while others are landing, tying their planes down, she grabs me and insists we practice cross-wind landings. So there we are, flying round and round that airport, above the military and private pilots watching, shaking their heads at us, but we were ecstatic and alive and making great landings while blown around, up and down.

Our paths diverted, but my thoughts and heart have held Georgia all these years. She bore three children, and when they fledged, she adopted four more children. Georgia was brilliant, spoke English, Spanish, French and Japanese. Yet, despite her explorer spirit, she had a childlike innocence that was endearing. She approached young or old, male or female, poor or rich, Colonel or private… each as a person that had a story.

I had a friend many years ago, because sweet Georgia passed away recently, just months after her hubby’s passing. I was so hoping to reconnect with her soon, but my friend is gone.

Good-bye Georgia… my heart breaks as I remember our love from long ago… I miss you…

Here’s to grand adventures in the winds of God’s breath…

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