Thank you all for the Likes, Comments, Texts, and Emails I received in response to my request for connection through this journal. You all have encouraged me with your supportive words.

Today I also received connection through friends from my Bible Study group. Some of these ladies I have known for years, from when we all worked together, so they are very dear to me. We now meet weekly and share our hearts. What a lovely group of ladies. They brought me a very special, personalized gift today. So thoughtful. The love shared today felt so comforting.

Then I received connection from the pastor who will be performing the upcoming Memorial Service. He’s been so sweet, for besides checking with me on the details of the service, he also checks in on me personally. He always asks how he can pray for me, asks about how I’m really doing, and cheered when I shared the peace I’ve had at home.

Connection, not a very warm word to me, but the meaning is warming to the heart. Honestly I never gave connecting much thought, because it was natural in my life. But now I must plan to find connection, and then reach out to receive it. Quite a change for me, and not very comfortable. But I’m learning.

But connection to myself… being aware of the emotions and thoughts swirling within… is most important for me. In the past I tended to ignore my inner stirrings, causing me much grief. But again, I’ve learned to listen to myself and thus I can better connect with others.

And then there’s connecting with God. For me this happens after I’ve quieted the stirrings within. Then stillness settles making room for Spirit to share with me. Though, when troubled, I’m also led to Spirit and his guidance. Such a mystery is Spirit.

This Passover week reminds me that we all need connection, that living this life is not meant to be alone, but with the love and support of humanity around us and God within us. Amazing miracles happened that first Passover, and suredly will again this Passover.

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3 thoughts on “Connection

  1. It’s lovely that your pastor is attentive. We’re all branches on the vine, connected to each other and our source of love. Thanks for sharing!

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