Memorial Reading

We, were each, a wing

Of one beautiful bird,

The delicate balance

That soars us through life together.

In our end, we weakened wings, together crept through that valley,

To the very brink of death.

You, my love, were carried across and jumped into eternity.  (Oh your joy at being set free.)

But me, well…   I was left….   behind.

Do I just stop?    Feel no pain?   And follow you?


The most wrenching moment in all my life,

I turn around, a broken bird,

My back to death, My face to life.

Through this all, God promised me life.

God has birthed in me an overwhelming desire for life… (your will be done.)

Randy lived his dreams, with adventure and joy, and with God,

Every day held glorious, exciting promise in his eyes.

(You were such an inspiration.)

I’ve screamed the tears, my heart did break, and every moment I’ve wanted you back,

But now it’s time to walk away, the veil of death between us.

Goodbye dear Randy….  Thank you…

I ask each of you, especially my children, Mark…   Reina Scott…   Laura… 

To feel    this   grief,   cry    these    tears,   and let    your    heart    break.

And then, to turn with me, our faces to LIFE,

Life… with love… with God.

Copyright 2021  Donna G   “Memorial Reading” , All Rights Reserved.

Published by donnathesurvivor

Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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