Walking today, I realize that I’m connecting with the new Donna, who is actually the old Donna gone through a metamorphosis. A being, formerly made of two beings married, now shed of the other, and am only one being, me. The rip is healing; the scars are built of strength.

One being, single, widow, independent, alone, all reflect my new state. And I find that these states fit my state of today. I’m okay… this realization isn’t tearing me apart, but rather comforting, that I’m accepting and finding peace settling with me.

I tend to now look to the future, with changes and hopes. What a nice change for my being to have excitement for what’s ahead. Yet again walking, I remind myself to look at the leaves, sky, clouds, flowers and stay right here in this moment. For this moment will help me with all the good-byes surrounding me, and all the hellos opening just beyond.

Hi Donna, nice to walk with you today…

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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