Many women might relate to the giving I did. I married and gave my name, body and some identity. I had children and gave my time, hobbies, and some more identity. I worked and gave more time, energy and even more identity. Not to say I didn’t gain, as I gained love, purpose, and new identities. But that giving up just sticks and gnaws in the corners of my being.

Now, here I am with my marriage ended prematurely by death, my children grown and gone, and my job in the past. What to do… really, what am I going to do?!? There’s volunteering which is fulfilling, cleaning which cleanses my soul as well, and gardening which brings renewed life with each new season. But, there are a few things I gave up that are calling me.

My beautiful harp. I used to delight in playing the harp, and even played in a church orchestra, at weddings and events. Not a professional in any way, but a hobby of love. The beautiful harp had just called me, and I gave up on it for many years. But as I pass this beauty every day, the call is growing. My reclamation has begun.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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