Land of the Living

Today I took a walk, and was drenched by a rainstorm that blew in. Do grieving people just miss the signs? Self-absorption wraps around me; a protective invisibile cloak. Dark clouds, distant rumbling thunder… Yes I should have known better to walk just then, but I was engrossed in my need of that walk.

Today I sold Randy’s truck. Today I took Randy’s name off my car. This is what grieving people do, step by step, remove the dead from the living.

I’m wanting to expand my space in the closet, so this weekend I may clear a few of Randy’s clothes. May… may not… This step has alluded me, so this will depend on the strength of my desire to expand versus just keeping Randy in the land of the living.

Randy is dead and gone. Randy’s stuff is here, surrounding me. Such a contradictory play on my being.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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