The Parting of the Veil

The veil of death… unseen, but separates those passed from the living on earth. Separates… do they visit among us on earth? Yet it is we who don’t see them? Since the Fall, God is hidden from our direct view, so maybe our passed ones as well? Do they see all or only glimpses through the veil?

This veil opened for me when my dear Randy passed. He struggled to let go, so I clung to his body with words of guidance, while he relaxed into the arms of the being carrying him out and over. Jump… Jump… I instructed, and he jumped into the eternal, overjoyed with the freedom from his body. The veil closed soon thereafter… we two now divided, where I no longer see my dear. No, I’m not psychotic…

Yesterday, driving, I approached an accident where many emergency vehicle lights were flashing. The area was clouded by air that was muted in color, thin air, the veil was opening. Time stood still. I turned away, yet filled with such peace. Death is simple, easy, peaceful… I felt drawn to enter that cloud and pass through the veil… I turned away, on with life. But that peace lingers, soothing me with comfort.

No, I’m not suicidal… I felt the pull for a brief period during intense grief, but now I’m rooted in life. But to KNOW that when my day arrives, when the veil parts for me, to know that peace will override… what comfort, what joy.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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