Dreams… open in me a receptive spirit. Interesting incidents have arisen for me in these dreams.

As Randy was about to pass, I told him he must visit me in my dreams. I commanded actually. And, there have been no dreams with Randy since. I’ve been justifying this lack by believing that this dry spell is needed so that I may let go. Let go. Not cling to Randy and his presence, when God has a full life ahead for me.

Recently at one of my lowest, loneliest points, a dream appeared that I thought was Randy. Standing in front of a Spanish picture window, in an old California Spanish bungalow, I was being held. I reached up to kiss on my Randy, but he rebuffed me and just held me in such a warm, comforting embrace. This was not Randy. The peace given me was heavenly. I was comforted and carried through that dark spell.

Then last night, or rather early this morning, here’s Randy. He’s driving the 36 Ford in the neighborhood, I’m riding along. As we pass joggers in the early morning dark, he starts honking at them… I, of course, say stop you’ll wake all the dreamers. But in true Randy fashion, he keeps honking with a smile. We both smile. I the dreamer, awake. I’m letting go and taking step by forward step in life, but this visit brought me joy and comfort. Yes Randy, you’re honking woke this dreamer, but thank you for the smiles and cheerful visit. We each, individually, are going to be okay.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

6 thoughts on “Visits

  1. Donna, Your dreams post brought a smile to my face today. The ride in the neighborhood must have brought joy and happiness to you. Many of my dreams are not happy, sometimes they are even scary. Your dreams bring joy and peace.

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