And now,

What comes after death? For me… well, I’ve written about this, but am not prepared to share.

Seven weeks after death, I’m okay. I was numb, shocked for a while. Then everyone left me alone in this house of memories. I crashed…

Thankfully, I have family that embraced me in their mountain home. For two weeks, I existed. Being there was healing in that I could forget for a few moments, the saga of my days. I heard family sounds, was fed, treated to a beautiful snowstorm, walked, cried, talked. I survived, but pray that I never experience such agony again in my life.

I’m home now, and have been at peace with joy, and relief that I can exist in this house again. I honestly didn’t know if I could ever return to peace here. I’ve moved a few of Randy’s items so that I could put space between me and death. His flight bag… ugh… Each day I move a little something of his, and say farewell again.

So today was a good day. Lots of desk work, finally unpacking my suitcase, and some laundry. The old Donna is slowly returning. Welcome Donna… I embrace you and will do whatever I may to allow you life.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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