Dreams do come true…

The daughter, cleaning and organizing a new house, while the family entertains. This dream so reflects my reality, that I’m certain my being was processing all that surrounds me now.

I’ve transitioned to a new house: packing the old, arranging the move, and unpacking the new. This has been so much work, and I wonder at how I accomplished this feat. Yet, my confidence has plummeted, inadequate and unlovable are haunting me.

While I organized and cleaned in this dream, a family friend was sitting noticing every move I made. He radiated pride, love, amazement at my feats. Yes, I see God there in my dream, reminding me that he does see me, is aware of my externals and internals, and radiating love for me.

So instead of the aloneness that drowns me now, may I see that God is here in this house with me. I will hold that dream of vision in my being.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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