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The Forest

In the eyes of God, on all accounts, do I fall short… a pine needle to a mighty redwood am I. My being cries to you my God, have mercy on me… © Copyright 2021 Donna G. All rights reserved. No portion of this work/blog may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consentContinue reading “The Forest”


Donna, look at all you have accomplished, today and during the last eight months. Look Donna! You have felt the anguishing feelings, faced the reality of your now, packed a house, completed several large desk projects, organized, cleared, reorganized, crashed yet continued to look for healing, made decisions, and so much more… I need toContinue reading “Perfect”

Time Games

I now admit that I play games with time. Knowingly silly, but yet this persists. A good day: please God let this day go slow and last forever. A bad day: please God let this day fly by. An ordinary day: please God bring a fun day quick. Randy’s death day: please God don’t letContinue reading “Time Games”

Another day…

Just another ordinary day, following a string of ordinary days. That’s good, right? No tragedies, no triumphs, except me waking, running errands, eating out alone.. those are my triumphs, ordinary as they are. A younger man, handsome, chatted me up, while shopping at the hardware store… Really? Don’t you see my wrinkles? I was flattered,Continue reading “Another day…”

Quiet, Noisy House

Packing, clearing, organizing… going through every closet, drawer, shelf, cupboard… I’m preparing to leave this old house for a new house. This old house is full of life, an old life of children, hubby, laughs, shouts, love, all of which are silenced now. These memories have been achingly painful for me to tolerate, and I’veContinue reading “Quiet, Noisy House”


Packing, organizing, clearing, renewing… This is my list lately. Yet I keep stopping… Breaking down today, with this task at my nose, I’m overwhelmed. The story… I can’t do this alone. Truth… I can. Yet community does strengthen life. I don’t reach out. Why? As I tackle the work in front of me, I willContinue reading “Independent”


These last seven months, grief has brought a self-absorption from where I could focus on healing. Bits and pieces of the world’s news has entered my stream, but I purposely have let them keep floating past and gave them no heed. Now, the news that enters my stream is so disturbing that it has caughtContinue reading “Headlines”

Plateau – iv

Now, today, from this calm plateau, I look back to seven months ago. I survived. I’m out of death’s valley, death’s grip, upon this plateau of calm, acceptance, hope. Strength has been given me, and now a calm acceptance of life as it is. I pray this writing, this release, will give that time it’sContinue reading “Plateau – iv”

Plateau – iii

Pause Donna, look around this plateau, take in the peace from the release of writing. See the cats snuggled, sleeping. See the warm glow of the bedside lamp. Feel the soft sheets, the supportive pillows. Hear the clicks and hums of the quiet evening. Continue Donna… there is peace after looking… clarity, peace in lettingContinue reading “Plateau – iii”


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