Spring is sprouting. Trees with green buds. Roses covered with leaves. Grasses greening. Weeds abound. Gerbers blooming. Strawberries producing.

I love spring, but this year it’s filling me with sadness. Winter, the season of Randy’s passing, is also passing. This was a cold, icy winter with cold, icy emotions. I’m thawing from that deep freeze, and also sprouting hope and peace and joy. But the cold sadness lingers in the background, not fully melted. I miss Randy.

Singing a Hosanna hymn today at church, I envisioned Randy being embraced by Jesus. I cried. I do have comfort in the joy he’s living, but I wonder if he misses me. Does heaven eliminate the longing and pain? I miss him and live with this longing. I have learned to live with this longing. I’m better, stronger, happier, but the longing is slow to melt.

I’m better after crying, releasing the emotion that built today. Thank you Spirit for being the peace and joy I experience.

A note: I started this blog as a release of emotion and organization of my buzzing thoughts, and in the hopes of connection. I’m told that others are feeling connected to me from these reads, but I admit I’m not feeling the connection. So I ask, if you do read these thoughts of mine, will you please LIKE or Leave a COMMENT for me. These little steps will show me that others are out there, connecting with my world. Thank you!

Live… Donna

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

12 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Donna, I love the beautiful way you are expressing your emotions about the loss of Randy. Your love for him comes through with every word.

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