Good Job…

Randy would be proud of you, I was told twice today. And these words settled in my soul with warmth and pride.

Yes, I do believe finally, that Randy is proud of me, even amidst the glorious adventures he’s on. I can actually see his face, full of love and pride, saying I’m very proud of you Donna, you’re holding onto God, listening to Spirit, and taking courageous steps away from pain. Amazing, Donna. Keep going, Donna. Live, Donna, live fully.

Until this point, any thought of Randy brought me intense pain. Memories, pictures, stories, momentos, all brought to me the pain of loss and never a joy in his memory.

But today must be a turning point. Joy and warmth and love and healing filled me at the thought of his pride. Randy is filled with love, busy with God’s adventures. I now, am filled with love, also busy with God’s adventures. Strange, isn’t it? We’re on the same path, just different sides of that veil of death.

Good night dear Randy, thank you for the encouragement today. I’m proud of you as well, in so many ways. Live, Randy, live fully.

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

6 thoughts on “Good Job…

  1. I can so relate to this, Donna, when my son passed I couldn’t look at photos of him and even the memories were so painful. Now I have managed to find joy in the little things.
    I feel him saying to me “Mom I am so proud of you.”
    It’s a process of healing and I allow myself to be sad at times, but I try to be grateful for the time we had together.

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