Packing, organizing, clearing, renewing… This is my list lately. Yet I keep stopping…

Breaking down today, with this task at my nose, I’m overwhelmed.

The story… I can’t do this alone. Truth… I can. Yet community does strengthen life.

I don’t reach out. Why? As I tackle the work in front of me, I will also tackle the work within: who are you resistance to asking for help? Who are you independence? What are the stories? May we meet, chat and comfort?

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Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

2 thoughts on “Independent

    1. Yep, covid ptsd has hit me as well, with me “ hiding.” I go out, but have cut back for essentials only. I wonder too, when will I be comfortable around others and not worry about getting sick. I also have a strong independent streak that keeps me from reaching out when I do need help. I got a lot done today, but little insight into all this. Thanks for reading Jen!

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