Good night, world…

Having family and friends around me all week has been comforting, refreshing, lovely.

Remembrances of Randy abound, which fill me with sadness. Tomorrow is the day we officially honor his life… what a wonderful man and life he lived.

Looking forward to this day has filled me with excitement, but now that it’s almost past, having it behind me scares me. Another step of removing Randy from the land of the living.

Yes, he was taken from this world twelve weeks ago. And yes, step by step, I remove him from my life. So this is another step of me saying to me, Randy is gone, You are here, Say goodbye, Turn with God, Live life.

Thunder and rain are now predicted all day tomorrow… the heavens join our cries and tears for dear Randy.

Rest world… Good night… May we all be refreshed for a new day, with the eternal sunrise shining in our spirits come morning.

Live… Donna

Published by donnathesurvivor

Widowhood with Donna (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved)

10 thoughts on “Rest

  1. My love and prayers are with you today as you have Randy’s memorial service. May the good, good Father shower you with His love and the love of the dear ones surrounding you

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