God with us…

I’ve always heard the telling of God with us: Jesus leaving his glorious heavenly home, agreeing to be born a human on earth, in the midst of evil and sin and discomfort. Why? He loves us that much. His creation, his children, his siblings, his bride. This alone is touching and opened my heart to God.

Similar to the movie ‘City of Angels’ where the angels envy humans and the human experience on earth, I’ve often wondered if God wanted our experience as well. Maybe, but I imagine not for the pleasures but for the gained understanding of being human in a sin filled world. I digress…

Recently, I’ve realized that the Comforter, God’s Spirit, has also agreed to be God with us. He as well, has agreed to live within our human being with all our messy emotions, confused thoughts, desires good and bad. Wait… God with us in our bodies… thoughts… emotions… desires? Okay, I struggle to live within my being, but God wants to live here too? And in my depth of despair, no person wants to join me. I don’t even want to be here. Yet, God wants to experience this with me?

I must admit, that this is all beyond my comprehension. Typically I avoid troubled people, as the energy required to be with them can be draining for me. I love them, but don’t typically extend love because of my limited energy. Being a widow has shown me the discomfort I now cause to other humans. Tears, loss, grief scare us humans and keep many away from us in the throes of loss. I get it! The humans in my sphere do love me! But pain is not something we gravitate towards and embrace. And I must admit, I tend to keep others at a distance when they approach. Why? Maybe because love and pain are inevitably linked. Even My Love has brought me anguishing pain, in his passing.

And yet, Spirit has chosen to be with me in this mess: comforting, soothing, bringing hope and joy and embracing with peace. He will never leave or forsake me. THIS IS LOVE WITH NO PAIN. My heart and soul hold this tangible experience. I melt with love for this God.

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