Angry Post

I apologize up front for this post expressing my anger. Yet, then again, I don’t apologize. Anger is an important emotion and I need to be honest with myself, that I’m angry.

My local radio talk show this morning, is discussing a recent report on hydroxychloroquine. The report states that this controversial drug improved lives on ventilators, by 200%. Really???

When Randy was first sick, no doctor would authorize hydroxychloroquine, or even any covid related drug. He was just sent home having double pneumonia with a steroid pill and antibiotics.

When Randy was admitted to the hospital, no doctor or pharmacist would authorize hydroxychloroquine. The doctor prescribed remdisivir, but the pharmacist would not approve it for Randy. That was a battle of dates and timing, which we finally won.

When Randy was intubated, no doctor would prescribe hydroxychloroquine as treatment for a desperate patient.

All along his covid path, I begged and pleaded for hydroxychloroquine and any alternative or new medicine giving possible hope to fight off covid. All along his covid path, I was denied in my requests, while also being told that they don’t know how to treat covid best.

My anger then was explosive. My anger now is hidden. Might be time to release some hidden anger, and this new report of the excellent results from hydroxychloroquine is setting my anger free.

You might all want to avoid me until this passes…

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