Protected I am… I see this and feel this. My God, the protector of widows, is strengthening and leading me.

Shame… I see now that shame has been a weight I’ve carried these last couple of months. My shame, besides all the particular incidences that make me wince, my shame is really of not being perfect. Why do I expect perfection from me? I don’t expect it from others. I really don’t even expect it from God, the one and only perfect.

Perfection… well this is a bit unfamiliar with me and has caught me off guard. Past shame arose from non-perfection, but typically perfection is not a stone I kick around. Honestly, I see in others eyes the expectation of perfection from me. I read through their eyes, the disappointment when encountering me. Projecting? Most likely I am. For who really knows the inner sanctum of another, much less their thoughts towards me.

Acceptance… Today I will see ME. My inner sanctum is seeking, honest, loving, mixed with the vanity of humanity. I will acknowledge this sweetness, this seeking of which is already here, Spirit. May God’s love to me be what I see in the eyes of others. For they may truly be disappointed, but their humanity is due love, or seeing the best in their being.

I will see the best in me… and the best in you…

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