God with us… Emmanuel

Yet I feel alone… I don’t see you God. I don’t hear you, taste you, feel you, or smell you.

Looking back, I do see your interventions… protecting, guiding, healing, providing, strengthening, reaching out. I will remember and hold tight those moments of recognition.

Why must you be hidden? Why must I strain to recognize you? Am I a weak soul who is out of tune? Do I shut you out… push you away? Is your face turned from me for a season? Are you a bright shining sun shrouded on this cloudy day? Is the path of humans to always search for you? Is the search the relationship… or the path of growth? Will we ever find you here on earth?

I do know that we humans are created in your image. I do know that when we do for the least, we do for you. So in this emptiness and loneliness that vexes my being, I will watch.

Watch for your speaking to me today, loving me today, holding me today… in the people of your image, your love.

Once upon a time,

Starts with a leap of faith,

for every great love story to unfold ♥️

Merry Christmas ⭐️

Donna The Survivor, December 2019

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